Whether you're just starting out or your business is already established, managing your online reputation is imperative. Online reputation management isn't just social media monitoring; it entails lots more than just looking at the tweets mentioning your brand. It's about being proactive in monitoring what people are saying about your company online and coming up with appropriate responses. 

The competition among businesses on the internet is now higher than ever. There could be that one disgruntled customer just wants to vent their frustration with your brand, or maybe a competitor that's intent on damaging your reputation. Here are 3 ways online reputation management services can be of benefit to your business: 

A chance for customer service

On average, a dissatisfied customer will share their experience with more people than a satisfied one. On many occasions, their negative opinion or review may not really be justified, but it can still hurt your reputation. With ORM, you can keep an eye on customer feedback and respond by reaching out to the individuals who have left some bad reviews. If you can resolve their issue, they may update their review to something positive because of your responsive customer service. Many brands do not know just how much damaging a single negative review on Google, Facebook, Yelp or other places can be. Learn how to remove a review from Google! 

Learn from the feedback 

It's nearly impossible to get 100 per cent positive feedback, so you might as well view the not-so-glowing reviews as an opportunity to learn about what you need to improve on. Some costumers actually leave constructive feedback, although this isn't common. Positive feedback, on the other hand, can also inform you what aspects of your service/product your customers like most. It's quite possible they may mention something you're not aware. If you're selling a product, for instance, you can use positive customer reviews to update the copy for that product, with great emphasis on what your customers like most. Know how to remove a bad review from Google here! 

It's cost effective 


 Online reputation management is a cost-effective approach to growing your brand. If your startup is just taking off the ground, you can imagine just how costly one negative review can be, when you don't have lots of positive reviews to back you up. As more and more people research brands before buying from them, any negative opinion about your brand that features prominently on Google is likely to turn off many of your potential customers.